Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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Fuck Lance Armstrong + other stuff

Hey, i know none of you other chumps are going to say it... i'm just trying to be correct. everyone sucks this guys dick. now i know the guy has gone through a lot of toil and trouble... half the free world knows about lance armstrong and how he loves a good hard struggle story. cancer schmancer. here's what i have to say to mr armstrong: thank you, kind sir, for bringing cheap trendy plastic fashion back from the grave. it wasnt enough that we had those slap bracelets, now everyone in the game has a different color band for a different color outfit. hopefully now that this dude has won 7 in a row he will kindly bow out and take his fruity rainbow bracelets with him.

copycats are selling their souls to the devil on this idea

Becoming 25 has had a weird effect on me. on one hand, life goes on and my daily mundane routine loops on repeater. on the other, it encourages me to totally change shit up and do something different. i have recently come into a little bit of opportunity to do whatever the fuck i want, i just need a good solid game plan. also, turning 25 makes me ask this hypothetical question: Which quarter century is better, your first or your second? Looking back, i have accomplished so many of those necessary 'life goals'. Stopped pooping in my pants (except on spicy mexican sundays), became a man, graduated the standard high school and college in the correct amount of time, fucked the shit out of some people, developed my personality and funny wit, fell in love, blacked out from jagermeister, etc etc. but think of all there is to look forward to. alleged marriage and kids, my first convertible, finally growing chest and/or facial hair, 401K, etc etc. I guess its just a weird time for introspective soul searching. i hope i am hacking it as well as i know how.

here is some other shit that has been brewing for awhile...

i hope everyone enjoys the new splashy banner on the top of the blog. football time is just around the bend and the Falcons are starting training camp as we speak. like i have explained in the past, sometimes when guys get together and just sit around, hypothetical shit enters the convo and things get outta control. for example my buddy dwellis, if he could suck any nba players penis, it would be dwayne wade. now this kid is all about vajine. doesnt even like to cross swords. but hypothetically, if he had to take a shot in the mouth, dwayne wade would be his guy. people say mine is mike vick, but secretly its more likely to be Ben Roethlisberger. i am just a sucker for #7s.

next up, some new things on the right sidebar ---->
I have started to really get my blogroll on and new linkies are popping up each day. if i link you, kindly link me. and of course if you wanna be linked, holler at me.
1. the newest one is by a dude named Erik who is somehow a Mets fan and a Falcons fan. (hates the braves, hates the giants? impossible!) his shit is good and one of the best purely falcons blogs i have come across. he is listed under Falcons Daily DVDA.
2. this was a cool idea and i had to jump on the bandwagon. i guess it eliminates the need for a blogroll, but these dudes put together a giant feed site so that any ATL blogger's shit can all be read in one easy place. sweet idea, and since they shamelessly plug the shit out of themselves i figured i may as well give em a reach around too. listed under ATL Bloggers Feed Store.
3. i am not-so-secretly in love with corens sister.
4. if you like naughty girls, this little spicy ATL lady is a good read (not at work, my filter doesnt allow soft porn blogging)
5. and of course, one of the inspirations besides mander for even writing a blog in the first place. props goes out to saff for introducing me to ruminations way back when.

last but not least, after complaining about HiFi Buys never booking any gigs, i was instructed by my white friends who are black at heart about a little suare we might be attending. Eminem and guests are coming to A-town on Sunday for the Anger Management 3 Tour. i have buddies who went to the Up In Smoke tour and had a blast. i would say i listen to rap about 40% of my time, and i have never seen a live rap show besides Gift of Gab for 1 hour. and DJ Kool when he came to our frat. and busta. and DJ Biz Markie. still, i have never gone to a hip hop all day event. i hope i will be in attendance.

and last but not least, speaking of black people, this weekend i decided to use my saturday night pass out at the movies. Charlie? nope. Fantastic 4? maybe soon. Scarlett Johansen? mmmm, scarlet.

nope, i attended the weekend premier of Hustle and Flow. you know, the one where the guy hears a beat in his head. despite what jkatz says, this movie is getting rave reviews. when i left the theater i thought 2 1/2 stars, but after reading reviews i bumped it up to a 3. me and my 3 white buddies were the only white people in the whole theater. i am not exaggerating. 4 of 400. i personally thought the movie was good... the actor really took on the task of creating a character that society is supposed to hate, and made him real and likeable. ATL's own ludacris was funny. the whores he hangs out with are pretty hot if you dont imagine them popping a shot for $35 + tip. all in all i would say more white people should see it, and i will never understand why there werent more there.

wow that was a lot. thanks for checking in and i hope to be more consistent as the days go on.


At 7/26/2005 10:10 PM, Blogger Amber said...

Ah yes, the quarter-of-a-century... -well, I wouldn't call it a crisis. Just... ruminations. Experienced myself back in October. Just wondering what this Octover will bring once I am more than a quarter of a century.

At 7/27/2005 8:33 AM, Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

if i could only figure out what this rss feed thing is, i could join the rest of the atlanta bloggers too. i guess i'll just sit and sulk in the corner by myself.

At 7/27/2005 9:02 AM, Blogger Maigh said...

On Lance, see also: Angry Kyle has his say. Enjoy!

At 7/27/2005 9:26 AM, Blogger Amber said...

That's ok, you can hang out with the ATL bloggers that are too cool for school.

At 7/27/2005 12:35 PM, Blogger Paulie said...

25? Turning 25 is fucking nothing! Wait until you try turning 40 like I did last week.

Off to see if I want to play in the atlbloggers game. I already syndicate to livejournal and don't know if I want to waterdown the branding of Inside The Perimeter. :)

At 7/27/2005 8:04 PM, Anonymous Smoove D said...

You're supposed to tip whores? I had no idea.

At 7/28/2005 1:05 PM, Blogger Maigh said...

There's something very wrong with her boobs.


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