Friday, July 01, 2005

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Yesssssss! Lucky!

guess whos back. back again. shoobies back. tell a friend.

thats right, im finally finally actually able to blog at work again! yaaaay, i feel like special Ed. so this morning my routine was hit snooze button exactly 7 times. (7 x 9) + 8:00 am alarm = 9:45 arrival at work. the reason this shit can go down, along with the fact that i am blogging, is due to the witch being dead. the witch of course (for the 2 curious asians) is the brazilian ba (bullshit artist). here is a picture.

this is how i roll MS paint style. notice the toofs need major work. also purple barney power suit is legitimately worn once a week. not that barneys, a way more shitty barney.

before i arrived, i inhaled some precious creativity herbs and spices to get me through the morning. ya see when your thursday night consisted of an 11pm taxi ride to Mako's in Fuckhead to join 50 CPA's in town for a convention and stare at endless hired talent on stage, then parlay that into a 3am celebration for Waffle House's 50th Anniversary, you have to do something to calm stomach, relax burning sensation of staring at computer monitor, and of course feel the creative juices for your now week of absence in blogland.

so its july, month of the cancer, my birthday month, and of course the best number on earth besides 19. i bet a higher proportion of people have 7 as their lucky number than any other number. its definitely mine in terms of the roulette wheel, although in texas i would fold a pair of 7's with a substantial re-raise. mike vick is obviously a 7. seven minute abs. 7 deadly sins. 7 dwarves. Make 7... up yours!

July 4th is obviously this weekend as well. i just re-checked the blog for last year and the same fucking thing holds true: "The problem with July 4th weekend is that no one ever plans anything to do. Then everyone scrambles to do something at the last minute and it is always semi lame." I once again have no true plans and know that i will drunk/hi see fireworks at some point. whether it is in atl or some other locale is yet to be determined.

all i know is the monday off seems way more necessary this year than last year. three day weekends make me a happy boy and i cant wait to get derby'd up for three days instead of the standard two. but for now, as you skance out of twerk today at 3ish (trust me, some .gov employees will leave around noonish), i will try to leave you with as many blogs as i can. theyve been piling up in my text message outbox just waiting to spew forth.


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