Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Muzak Review + FREE CONCERTS?

as you all know, music is right up there in my 'most favorite shit to do' category. i drew a picture to make this easier. priorities go top --> bottom.

i decided to drop $75 bones and check out MM2K5 this year. thats what the kids are calling it, anyway. despite heavy heavy 8 hour monsoon dumping rain on saturday, i had a stupendous time. shots of makers mark and jack daniels were said to be the root of the fubar attitude, accompanied by long hits of the sticky icky when it cleared up for the 5-minute smoking window.

the mini ciggy oney was clogged the entire course of the 2-day festival. the downside is that we couldnt take little dinky hits that wouldnt do us any good. the up side is of course that bowls were scattered all throughout the crowds and i had to make friends with several 30ish men by offering to pack their next bowl for them. this of course gives them the opportunity to include me in their current session, as well as be included in my session after. everyones happy, no one gets arrested, and we are all still fricking freezing mr bigglesworth.

so here is a rundown of the groups i saw:
The Game - 107.9 jermaine dupri stage
Counting Crows - 96 rock stage
Robert Randolph & the family band - 96 rock stage
Keane - 99x stage
Common featuring Kanye West - 107.9 jermaine dupri stage
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - 96 rock stage

robert randolph won 'the best band i hadnt heard of' award

looking at it now, it seems like i only scratched the surface of the 80+ bands that were there, but with any 3-day 6-stage festival youre going to have double bookings. white stripes vs. counting crows. the pixies vs. tom petty. slick rick vs. def leppard. they assume that fans of one wouldnt want to see the other, but i would have loved to see twice as many bands. just not enough time. not enough time. the kanye west guest appearance made my night, and he and common freestyled some nasty shit together, as well as a few kanye dropout album songs.

moving on.... there was this thing called zooma tour (www.zoomatour.com) that was supposed to take place at hi-fi buys. unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of sales. personally i was just waiting to see if i was going to be here or if new bands were being added, i was 100% buying a ticket and i assume tons of other people are the same way. so it seems that after MM2K5 my music festivals are completely done for the summertime. chastain is sold out and kind of a joke in terms of concerts. most of the other bands played the 'roo. free concerts in centennial were cancelled...... OR WERE THEY?!

although the locale has changed (to promote new areas of town), 99X has just announced that the free concert series is back in full effizl this summer! Check out the bands that have been signed so far:

The Schedule: (99x.com)
July 9thCakeStereophonicsThe Caesars
July 16thWeezerThe BraveryThe Dead 60's
July 23rdTBD
July 30thBen Folds
August 6thChevelleSeetherCrossfade
August 13thGarbage
And More Bands To Be Announced Soon!

i love when they say more bands to be announced soon. that definitely includes blues traveler, why dont they just say it. cowboy mouth would be sweet. some of the classic groups from summer series past like jack johnson/g love would make me nut. i look forward to seeing you all there.... ITS FREE! (i just paid 50 for a weezer show a few weeks ago) and of course i look forward to finally showing up at underground atlanta after its been open for almost 6 months.

last comment-- what the fuck is the deal with hi-fi buys ampitheater? i mean, its the only huge outdoor venue, it has a huge tailgating parking lot, it used to host sooooo many concerts every year, and now it is just a fucking junker in the middle of nowhere south end atlanta. who is their booking agent? and why the fuck doesnt he book someone?! (same applies for earthlink live)

recognize a real don when you see one, sippin on booze in the house of blues.


At 6/15/2005 5:41 AM, Blogger Fat Asian Baby said...

fantastic. more cool shit i'll be missing this summer. fuck.


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