Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Can I Get a Circumcision Up In Here?

Yes i know, 2 penis blogs in a row. Whatever, this is all ive got to go on so i am just gonna run with it. All jewish boys are circumcised. we go to sunday school and jcc camp and shit like that so we dont get exposed to really any penis, let alone non circumcised. but then comes the day in every young jewish boy's life, when he starts to download porn off the internet. there are a variety of fun and enlightening topics out there.... and sometimes european porn eeks through the filter and gets downloaded when youre just trying to get a little video footage to squeak out a quick one before your retarded roommate gets home from work and interrupts happy time.

now in this european porn, most of the dudes hogs are not circumcised. that shit is fucking disgusting. sorry to any dudes without one, but that shit looks fucking fucked up. if i were an american chick and i went over to australia for my little summer abroad program and after flirting with surfer boy from sydney take him back to my host familys cottage and whip out his dick and saw a fucking tube sock over the top of it, i would peace out faster than you can say.... snip!

now check out this:
Besides cultural or religious motivations for circumcision, a 1988 study of new mothers in the midwestern United States (an area with a high circumcision rate)found that 71% of the participants preferred a circumcised partner for sexual intercourse, and 83% for giving fellatio. (92% cited cleanliness and 90% appearance as reasons.)
See, i knew i was right. 83% of women in america peace out on a dick that isnt kempt. i bet i could say without trying to drum up any stereotypes that not a single jewish girl i have ever met so far would be so dick hungry that they would stay the long haul for an uncircumcised dick. unless it were a black dude. if i am wrong i would love to hear stories. as a matter of fact any ladies out there who have a funny uncircumcised dick story, id love to hear it. in the comments section. please, comments. please.

just remember.... if you are a european and you plan on sewing your wild oats over here in america, get your tip clipped before you get here. they have some great oral anesthetics nowadays. OUCH! and if you dont have medical coverage in your country, please please please do NOT use this method:

Thank you, this has been a pubic service announcement.


At 3/17/2005 6:00 PM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

i have experience with the unclipped wang... i don't remember it being much different. no funny stories, no gross-osity, nothin'. and it doesn't much resemble the tube sock you refer to unless it's all leetle eety beety and shit, and to cure that, all you gotta do is make it embiggened.

where are the pictures, dude? PICTURES!

At 3/18/2005 10:24 AM, Anonymous KliegMO said...

two words:

email her for details

At 4/01/2005 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is hot. -If by "hot" you mean "talking about uncircumcised penises." And I guess you do.

I have but one experience with the type of member in question. It was kind of disturbing. Too much extra skin. And now that you mention it... yeah, like so many tube socks.

- Amber


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