Friday, March 11, 2005

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Humble Humanitarian

I feel the smallest, microscopic, teeny tiniest bit bad about punking the mayor of the highlands. giving yourself a nickname is bad. but to make it up, i will shamelessly plug what sounds to be a marvelous charitable event.

St. Baldricks Day, where people pay money to see their friends hair chopped off, is happening tonight at Park Tavern at 8 pm. There should be good tunes, good drinks, and of course top quality talent. any joel willins production can only pull the finest wool to a party. not to mention, warrick dunn and tj duckett are getting their heads shaved along with some ladies who arent lesbians. outta be a good thing to do on a friday night.

I feel like i could probably raise around $3,500 for my ix getting completely shaved. i have never ever ever taken clippers to this marvelous bush for any reason. when i was a pledge they told me they were going to shave my head.... i told them i would walk. not to mention, they are pretty much at their peak growth, somewhere in the 8 inches category... enough to pull down and touch my chin. chances of this happening? 0%.

i will be attending the Umphrey's McGee concert instead. wish i could be there.


At 3/14/2005 12:18 AM, Blogger GregVrs said...

8 inches of that mess of a puss that's ridiculous. Hit me back to talk some tourney time!


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