Friday, February 18, 2005

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Black History Month: Z Dank Comedians

In our second segment of black history month, we would like to recognize some of the funniest and craftiest mother fuckers around. These guys are the official Kings of Comedy, as seen through my white boy eyes.

Sammy Davis Jr.
Legend amongst legends of comedy and stand-up. The best of both comic worlds, a jewish black dude who gets to harp on 4 white guys. Of course i wasnt around during his time, but mad shout outs go out to sammy d.

Richard Pryor
While sammy davis broke the color barrier between white and black comedy, richard pryor really encapsulated the raunchy side of black comedy. i mean some of his shit is so naughty my parents wouldnt let me watch it as a kid. See No Evil, Hear No Evil classic. Brewsters Millions, classic.

Eddie Murphy
This guy used to be one of the funniest stand-up comedians. All his flicks pre 1995 were awesome. then he got into the family thing and has been up and down ever since. his SNL skits are hilarious. delirious and raw are classic. and of course shrek... not too shabby.

Bill Cosby
I snuck this guy under dank comedians to see if anyone was paying attention. This guy sucks. You hear me people?! Bill Cosby is so NOT FUNNY it hurts. his pudding pops taste like poop. his ridiculous facial gestures should be banned. i dont even like when people imitate bill cosby. File this with those 'b' bands i hate. Bill Cosby and the Beatles both SUCK! now bill cosby is being a self righteous black guy, calling up comedians who drop the 'n' bomb too much and complaining that they are hurting black people with their routines. stay the fuck up out my bizz-nass cosby.

Martin Lawrence
Hilarious. Martin the show was so funny, but looking back it is so lame if you re-watch. only Martin stands out as the funny one, not his sidekick no-talent ass clowns. his stand up is funny as shit too.

Chris Rock
Perhaps the freshest stand-up comedian of the 2000s. Chris Rock is so fucking funny, i mean if people dont recognize his genius then they cant talk to me about who brings the funny. Plus he was in several kevin smith flicks, making him all the better in my book. he is bigger and blacker than any comedian i know.

Dave Chapelle
Some people just dont have a taste for dave chapelle. and those people should be dragged out and beaten. half baked was hilarious. his comedy central show is probably tied with south park for best series ever. How many Lil Jon impersonators were there post-chappelle version? this guy brings the funny. i smoke rocks.

Runners-Up that i was too lazy to find pictures for:

Cedric the Entertainer
Wayans Brothers
Russell Simmons
Wanda Sykes
Whoopi Goldberg
Steve Harvey
Bernie Mac
Tim Meadows
Tracy Morgan
Arsenio Hall


At 2/18/2005 3:25 PM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

yo, dude. i LOVE pudding pops. you are just wrong on that one. wrong.

At 1/31/2006 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude are you on crack. You put Dave Chappelle, Cedric the Entertainer and other guys on your list and you bad mouth Bill Cosby.

What is so great about all the so called comedians these days that they can make the F*** word sound so cool.

You my friend are an ignorant person when it comes to classifying comedic art. Use the language to stress your point but using language just to make your point funny is lame a$$.

Bill Cosby was good without ever having to use language. Richard Pryor was good even if he used language every other comedian these days use language just because they think people enjoy it.

At 1/31/2006 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one more thing Martin Lawrence's stand up solely on the fact that he stresses the word "F***" every other word. Your choice in stand up is laughable.

I am the same guy who posted above. I did not realize you put martin lawrence in your list.

African Americans' use the 'N' word like it means nothing and you fault others using it. Get a grip on your intelligence.


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