Monday, February 21, 2005

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My First Fan- missed connection :)

So its 6 am. i just played cards for almost 7 hours. i am passing out until mid afternoon because tomorrow is president's day. god damn i love the .gov

has anyone ever seen those like missed connections sections of ads. like: hi we made eye contact on the marta bus on route 8 and you had on a pink coat and burberry scarf and i fell in love. email me back.

so anyway this weekend, i think the coolest thing that has ever happened, happened to me. (yes yes, i lead quite a pathetic life) so i was walking in L5P towards an indian restaurant bombay and i had to park way past variety playhouse where there was apparently a dank show. for the record, i will never 'try' a new indian thing again. indian and me just dont go together. i love your humor. i love ganesh. i might even bathe in the ganges on a dare. but lintels and curry make me want to throw up. its like my kryptonite.

so anyway, after passing tons of people walking towards the show out of nowhere i see this girl shout out to me 'Hey! I read your blog!' and i am pretty caked and all i could muster was a 'haha awesome!' give ridiculous rock-on hand gesture, and keep walking. smooth shoobie.

so then i debated writing this blog because i mean, its like i should act all nonchalant about having my first 'real life didnt know you at all recognized you passing on a street' blog shoutout, but it truly made my night. i mean damn, to be recognized in public by a blogfan was hot. so i guess the point of this entire blog was to see who the chica was who blew up my blogspot because it was sweet.

thats all. have fun at work tomorrow clowns.


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