Monday, February 28, 2005

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The Evolution of Parties

OK, i will admit it. I still have too many ties to undergrad life at emory. Now this can be explained by my habitual vices, such as smoking the green green (buying, not socializing), playing cards (i taught them everything they know), and of course macking on little 18 year old girls in jean skirts and prada bags (yum). well, that last thing is fiction but my proximity to moes and joes on tuesdays unfortunately makes it a possibility regardless of how much i loathe the emory scene.

This weekend, my plan was very similar to most others.... get wildly drunk and out of hand, doing exactly what i want, drunk dreaming of things to come, blazing a pound of weed six days up out the week, and rolling out of bed to go manhandle a half heap over at crescent moon. i would say most of this shit did not get done. i did not get to do EXACTLY what i wanted, and since i am a selfish little bitch, i can say my weekend was just ok instead of awesome. even though i did get to ixxperience the crescent. even though i did get to celebrate the lovely quarter life crisis event for madi. even though i did blaze often and caught quite the buzz. the problem is... i am a 20something. and when a 20something is exposed to two completely different parties in one weekend, he often experiences the 'bleh'. i guess bleh can be described as feeling stagnant, unstable, needing to accomplish something, and having no idea what youre supposed to be doing.

on friday night i went to a party at an apartment full of undergrads. the purpose was to pre-game so that east atlanta was a possibility. but members of my crew smoked themselves retarded and were too busy gawking at little asses instead of gathering up the steam to move on to a real place. in the beginning it was nice, about 20 people. of course there were the major elements of a college party: beer pong table (which i can still handle myself at), card drinking game going down, 1:1 ratio, keg with plastic cups, drug paraphenilia, giggling girls, testosterone laden boys.

once the crowd had filled to about 50, instinct took over. my buddies and i had to get the fuck out of there fast. i mean, for some reason all the elements that used to make us excited to be at a party were like a catalyst to drive far, far away from the scene. the 'out of town friends' at the party would never leave the host to join us, so we cut our losses (free booze) and peaced out.

on saturday, i went to what i would call a much more sophisticated party. the crowd was 24-30. keg replaced by bottles of wine, top shelf liquor, real glasses. chips were replaced by plates of appetizers and finger foods, including a plethora of dips and homemade food. apartment was danker, with real hardwood floors and a balcony overlooking piedmont and the skyline. giggling girls replaced by elegant 20 somethings talking about jobs, med school, life plans, the future. girls brought their boyfriends/hubbies, not just some dudes who wanted to pound beers and sit in the corner.

Essentially the only thing that was similar was that people were pounding cigarettes on the balconies.

i dont really know what i am trying to prove by comparing these two, i am just torn between these two scenes because neither one is for me. the college thing is way too fucking long ago and the sophisticated thing just doesnt work with my stoner vocabulary and playful party demeanor. i am sure that with time, i can adjust to what i see in the future: tame, wine drinking, half single half married, starts early ends early, play it safe, mundane convo filled evenings out with my 20something friends. and i can miss the past: wild, out of control binge drinking, loud tunes, no talking just drunk hooking, anything goes, panty dropping, too easy, little ass filled party rooms.

but as for right now, until some happy medium is reached, i will continue to ride the great rift that is: being 20something. and of course, doing it in the butt. (you love it bloompsey)


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shit, i am so totally obvious, aren't it...


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