Tuesday, January 18, 2005

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How Bout Them Falcons

Now I of course dont want to jinx anything by talking about the performance last saturday. i am not even going to mention how crucially important it is that another team shuts out philly from ever entering the arena of that other important game 2 weeks away. but i must tell the story of the Falcons Playoff Game 1.

At 1:30, me, krapil, swilly, his lady friend, thirsty, and midnight all piled into the pathfinder to head down to the dome for what would be one of the greatest times of my life. we had a lot A pass and found a nice open three car space to set up our little tailgate area. my purpose at a bbq/tailgate is fairly obvious.... bring the marijuana, the bowl, the card table, the tunes. leave the cooking to the goyim. drink as much beer as humanly possible.

So one thing about blacklanta is of course the amount of thuggery at any city-wide event. Hawks games, freaknik (when it existed), underground atl, buckhead! all instances of major thuggish ruggish activity. i of course felt at home, especially when tyrone biggums asked if he could use a spot on our grill for his brats. mmm, i love a good unkosher kilbasa i dont know about you all...

At about 3:30 me and krap went to willcall to get my ticket so that i could sell it and sit with them. we met a good buddy by the name of dax. dax was a steelahs fan but he gotta cheer for the home team. he took us to willcall but of course it was closed, so we got his digits and had to call him later on to hock the ticket and get my face value. dax had his corn rows rolled too tight and tried to jew me down on the price. fucking bastard.

we met up with eisey and boozer with a half hour to spare on the tailgate. drinks were poured. coals were put out. signs were made: 'Welcome to Vicklanta' (of course) and 'Thats not in the playbook.... but it should be!' since we were sitting in the endzone i thought for sure one of those two would make it on tv... i mean, vick was going to be doing all kinds of running... i could never have predicted the pace of the game beforehand.

we roll into the dome, sneaking in 4 bottles of tennessee's finest. JD. grab a soda, grab our playoff rally towel. and it was off to the endzone, slightly better than corner pocket, row 20. when the falcons take the field to AC DC, the dome is absolutely explosive. i mean, the majority of people did not sit down for more than 5 minutes the whole night. the 12th man was in full effect.... our crew was berading any bulger/holt/faulk jerseys in site. on the third snap, vick dodged and danced in the pocket...then dashed for a remarkable 47 yards down the field, right towards us. 3rd play! i fucking dropped my jack and coke right away because everyone around me was cheering slapping high 5, all that gay shit. after that it was a nice 23 yard spiral bullet to my man crumpler, right in front of our faces. the rams scored 7 just as easy. then on the kickoff return rossum broke to about the 40 and dunn ran it in one play for 62 yards and a TD. 21 points in just under 7 minutes.

game stats: 327 yards on the ground, including 142 for dunn, 119 for vick, and duckett for 66 more. allen rossum our special teams returner went 4 for 80 on kickoff returns and 3 for 152 plus a TD on punt returns. our defense had 4 sacks including a brady smith 'hit stick' layout play in the endzone for a safety (which was also right in front of us in 4th quarter). brooking had a forced fumble which we recovered. the only error was when vick stumbled and dropped the ball on a 12 yard run and no rams defender even touched him, he just got tripped up. needless to say it was a complete game. offense, special teams, defense, o line, d line. everyone was working together and all the rams could do in the 2nd half was produce empty yards and no points. NO POINTS for an entire half!!

after the game the air was thick with excitement. we just watched the falcons manhandle the rams for the entire 60 minutes. everyone was crazy screaming, whipping towels around, cheering for the falcons and of course hoping the vikings would win the next day so we could come back and do it all over again. we travel to philly this sunday and i will be watching on my (roomies) new 46' HD DLP piece of heaven tv. one more game and we're going to the big one.

GO FALCONS! and now pictures of the plays we were just talking about.

on his first rush attempt, mike vick goes for 47 yards on the third snap of the game.

crumpler receives a bullet pass right in front of my eyes for the first TD

on the very next falcons drive, warrick dunn breaks for 67 yards and his first of two TDs

after allowing the falcons to break tons of playoff records, mike martz tucks tail and refuses eye contact for his god awful run in the playoffs. mike martz, you suck and your play calling sucks. all i have to say is: SUCK IT!


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