Friday, October 22, 2004

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Diary of a Jersey Girl

7/22/04 - Hey whats up girl. This is lisa and i just had to tell you about the worst night tonight. me and the girls went down to the shoa (shore) and ya know, we had some drinks, some martinis and shit, and i looked so good. i had on my favorite earrings, ya know those hoop ones with the little ballerinas on them. those plus i had on the little tiny red skirt that makes my ass look nice and a little cute bebe tank. awesome. so me and lori met up with these 2 guys who were totally lame. lori's cousin works with this kid at the beach and they wanted to come along so we said ok. but once we got there we totally ditched them. i couldnt have this goober grabbin on my ass and shit. so we started taking shots and of course you know me, i get real fucking horny when i start doin shots. so im rubbin my ass against this hot bartenda and he tells me hes got the fat blunt connection and we should hook up after on the beach. so me and lori drank some more and she grabbed a guy and we headed down there. so when we get down there instead of a joint this guy pulls out a fucking dildo and was like yo can we make a porn? i was all freaked out and drunk i had to tell him to fuck off. so we left and went back home. then i sat there drunk in the hallway complaining about boys for like 3 hours. boys suck! why do they always just want to fuck and not be my boyfriend. fuck em, im just gonna chill with my girls and club it up! peace girl.

7/15/04- hey whats up girl. not too much to say, i went clubbing again this weekend. i had to go to the tanning booth because i kinda look like shit now that we cant chill at the beach all day and party all night. so we did shots and i met this cute guy jay. he had a buddy named bob and apparently these two do the exact same shit i do. sit, smoke, drink, fuck. its all about the party right. so i was chilling with jay when he pulled out a big bag of doobie snax. smoked some down and then ya know, he totally asked for some 'snoogins'. apparently thats head because i mowed down. the weird part was his friend bob just sat there and watched his boy pound me. i was so stoned i didnt care. i left my favorite panties over there. hope he tacks em up on the bedpost. later girl!

7/8/04- hey girl, fuck boys. boys suck! thats it...headed down to the shore. gotta go!


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