Friday, October 15, 2004

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A Game of Pool (?)

So, do you wanna play? I look up to see a little feisty white girl, 5'2, 106, niceuns, cute country face, definitely dinkle. stunna as mcgiggler would say i say. i dont know, you look like youre pretty good. well i am just ok at pool, maybe i can be good for you later on tonight. haha, my mind cracks up at the ridiculous line and yet i know she is just playing the same fucking game as i am. rack em up. i grab the q and throw it hurling down the green. did you want something to drink? id rather finish this game and then go get something to eat. did she just look down at my crotch? while she said she wanted something to eat? ya i could be down with grabbing a slice. and stuff. game over. me 1, she 0. follow me, i know a little spot we can go chill. so i blast the 96rock. smoke a bogie. smoke a biz. and i am feelin pretty cocked. we end up on a grassy hill. far from the traffic, smog. stars are actually visible in the georgia sky. roll down your windows and let me put this CD in. Goodies - Ciara featuring Petey Pablo plays on the bose. take off your clothes and let me dance for you. holy shit. no problem. has a girl ever stripped for you before. nope, cant say that i have had that. no touching, just watch. clothes come off. beatline is dropping perfectly. i bet you want that body. betchu thought about. ekke ekkke ekke. shit shes like rolling her thong all up in my shit. her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. this is the fucking craziest thing ive ever been a part of. lay out the blanket. eat lunch down at the Y. meat flute is played next. then do that other thing. awkwardly make chit chat and have another cig. drive home. take a shower to clean the scandalous off of myself.

this is all i could think of to write today. i have no idea if it really happened or not.


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