Monday, October 18, 2004

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Drugs and the War on Terrorism

Well everyone, its monday. I have a new conspiracy theory, or a political topic of discussion, or whatever the hell its called when i smell suspect shit going down in the .gov

So i cant think of how many times i have heard bush talk about how illegal drugs are a source of funds for terrorism. like, when i go to my buddy's place and pick up a zip, that money somehow channels itself all the way back to osama bin laden terrorism campaign 2K5. first off, the kids are jews. secondly, those guys spend it on aquariums and plasma screens not wmd's and all these other euphemisms that we use in the 'war on terror.' to somehow link greens to biological weapons seems slightly insane. and yet americas 'war on drugs' has somehow become intertwined with americas 'war on terrorism.'

A few weeks ago, there was a tragic terrorist attack on a russian school, where 300+ kids were killed. The terrorist who claimed responsibility is a Chechen guerrilla rebel and he has been blamed for many more innocents dying to prove his point. Vladmir Putin has been fighting against him since 1999, you can just go to if you want to look it up yourself. in the news today, autopsies reveal that the terrorists were extremely high on heroin... in fact they were so high that bullets didnt hurt them after forces ambushed the group inside the school. during the three day holdout, they didnt feed any children and didnt eat either.... classic case of someone on a 3-day bender ala lance sumrall. take a look at this linky... when i read this story today i dismissed it as well. This shit sounds like propaganda to me! I call shenanigans.

The reason why bush links terrorism to drugs is because Afghanistan is the largest grower of poppy plants in the world-- they also harbour tons of terrorists. usually fundamentalist druglord terrorists can be seen tanning at the Al-AzZahir Country Club, betting on the camels over at BinDaliaMala Camel Track, or even golfing on the expansive 18-hole Mass Grave Genocide links. i think its a little suspect that the fully armed, fully tactical group of terrorists, who had to be in a state of mind to operate sophisticated gun/bomb shit, also happened to be on a 3-day rush of the #1 drug linked to osama bin laden and afghanistani terror.

here now is the George W. Bush equation for figuring out who to start a war with.

Finally, an actual article i found from the Clinton era. (link to full)

Given the overall decrease of state financial support, and in
some cases because of the nature of their organization, terrorists have looked
to alternative sources of funding, which have included narcotics production and
trafficking. Some terrorists have developed loose mutually beneficial
relationships with drug traffickers to support both the terrorists and drug
traffickers' interests.

That said, I would caution against thinking that international
terrorism generally is dependent upon funds from drug trafficking or
international crime. There have been reports that some individuals involved in
Middle East terrorism have profited from the drug trade through Lebanon. But
most terrorist groups or their supporters are not dependent on drug revenues --
they usually have a "diversified portfolios" of fundraising. Sources include
their ideological supporters, money siphoned off of legitimate and illegitimate
charities, legitimate companies that are used to generate profits and transfer
funds for terrorist groups, and ordinary crime, such as extortion and

See! truth rears its ugly head. On a side note, the only countries in the world whose populations are in support of Bush over Kerry are Russia and Israel. All three are determined that fighting terrorism is at the top of the list of shit to get done. The survey was taken right after the terrorist school attacks.

So what did we learn from todays blog, class? If you smoke marijuana, youre killing brain cells. If you inject heroin, youre killing the world. America, Fuck Ya!


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You have never voted and probably never will vote because you are too fucking lazy. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH YOUR POLITICAL BS!!!


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