Tuesday, June 22, 2004

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Sergio Part 2: My Destinos

(today is a bad hair day. ha ha, what kind of man says that? one with curly ix bitch-- thats who)

Welcome back to Sergio...we now continue with some background.
Sergio Hernandez, born Paco Antonía Chávez, was born in Cuba in 1972. Forget the fact that he is 32 and hanging out with 23 year olds....not pertinent to the story. Paco was a violent, stir crazy little cuban baby boy. His father was a revolutionary fighting for rights in Havana. His mother was a dirty dirty whore, who scrapped the rent check on selling her cuban destinos to sick perverse american men who thrived on foreign chicks. Paco loathed this behavior and vowed that his mother would suffer for her disobedience and mistrust.

One day, a great Cuban revolutionary was struck down in the capital. The other soldados took leave and returned to their casas for some good rest and a little side of pooontáng señor hand. As Paco's father ascended the stairs, he heard loud banging noises coming from the bedroom. Taking two at a time he slammed into the door and was bewildered at what he saw.

Paco standing over his mother and her customer-- bludgeoned to death. NOOOO!! paco's father shouted. WHY DID YOU DO THIS PACO? she dishonored your honor papa. CALL THE POLICE. and with that, paco raised his axe, jumped off the bed towards his stunned father, and chunked him right at the throat.

Paco now vowed he would never be disrespected again. He joined Tony Montána and his gang of Miami hoodlums as an 8 year old. He was street born, street trained, and street deadly. He snorted coke like it was going out of style. He changed his name to Sergio Hernandez to lose the connection to his murdered family back home. Finally, in 1995, Sergio was brought up in the ranks. He would get a new Chevy, a new set of threads, and his own tanning salon to run numbers and bags out of to earn a living.

When Sergio came to Atlanta, he had options of buying a nice house out in the suburbs. He was backed by cash in Miami and had no problems. Instead, Sergio decided to open up shop on Buford Highway. His tanning salon business would be secure in the dirtiest mexican part of town. Although Sergio had plenty of bonitas to choose from, he had other desires. He wanted white chicks. He wanted to do some freaky, freaky deaky dutch bastard crazy shit to white girls. And so he met his mark one day, at Lenox Mall. She was gabbing in her cell phone to all her deephs. He was awestruck. this white girl is my white girl now.

(Sergio Part 3: The Long Voyage Home, will continue tomorrow)


At 6/22/2004 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shuster, what the fuck is this? is this dude your friend? did he hook you up like that stupid-ass smirnoff ice commercial's sergio? is this all made up? chiu

At 6/22/2004 1:14 PM, Blogger shoobie said...

part 1 is all real. part 2 is all made up.
or is it. thats a hypothetical--dont answer that.


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