Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo

Ha-mmer! Ha-mmer! Ha-mmer! Ahh yes, the shouts and cries for one of America's worst pop culture mistakes ever. When Hammer took the stage that night, everyone in the arena knew every word to every song. When he sang "Have You Seen Her" large black women stood on their seats and screamed for Stanley Kirk Burrell to take them away from Louisville, KY and onto a wild circus act of a concert that ended in 18 million dollars of debt. Thats right everyone, my first concert ever was that of MC Hammer in 1991. But i was just 11, a small boy who knew nothing of the wonders of good rock and roll...
(Interesting sidenote to this story is my 2nd concert was when i was 13, 6th row, front and center to smashing pumpkins siamese dream tour...now that was the shit)

This weekend, in Podunk, Tennessee, was the music festival Bonnaroo. I couldnt make it, but i didnt really want to make it either... mudflinging and endless hits of acid in the 90 degree heat trapped in a crowd of yuppie college kids trying to fake being hippies doesnt really interest me. I do not have creative rights to this, but i heard an ad slogan on the radio this morning: Bonnaroo-- 80,000 people, 60,000 range rovers. That pretty much sums it up for me....NO INTEREST. But only 2 people died out of 80,000 which (i guess?) is a positive thing right?

One of the little "icing on the cake" reasons i came to atlanta was because there would be a lot more concert events, seeing as how this is a real city compared to my small village back home. my first year here i went to 4 shows, one weekend was Pearl Jam Friday and Beastie Boys Saturday. Vicklanta has this thing called Music Midtown and although the past 2 years have sucked, it has usually been an amazing event for $40 and 3 days of music, drinking, token, and of course little high school girls who need beer from sketchy 21 year old guys.

But my favorite concerts of all time have definitely been Counting Crows shows. Ya ya, Chiu calls them a bunch of whiny bitches. But wouldnt you be whining about life if you had fucked Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox and then they peaced out on you?!? (ps-- fuck brad pitt) I have probably seen 5 or 6 counting crows shows and although i dont remember them all distinctly, i had a kickass time at all 5 or 6. one time i even lost my car, dude. As fate would have it, my favorite band is coming to atlanta one last time before they end their 4 year tour. my favorite band on my favorite day, my birthday! i am stoked, i got some lawn seats... hopefully take a little honey out there, sip on some shit (you can bring wine, champagne, whatev), maybe get some birthday head. head is mandatory on birthdays, right?

Anyway, if you feel like actually COMMENTING when you read my shit, stories of concerts would be most appreciated. Its always funny to laugh at those. Peace! g-g-g-g-g gggg unit.


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