Wednesday, June 09, 2004

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Little Bitch Cigarettes

So i went to work today around 10. 2nd one here. i sit down have a diet coke and write a blog. next, i get a call from my buddy dwelly and he wants to schmoke that thing we used to do back in the day. so i roll home and eat 2 slices of pizza. come back to work. blasting jkwon everybody in the club get tipsy.(ps-in hotlanta its errbuddy induh clu git tiiiipsy) guard at gate drills me when i am blitzed. didnt you used to drive a mustang? no man, no fords. you cant afford it? ya ya. well its the same as this. ya but this is my whip, my roommate drives a mustang but not me...i drive this. peace. park, walk past checkpoint 2. no comments. whew. go directly to smoker area do not pass go do not go back to cube jail. two hunnies sit smoking. upon further approach and inspection, 1 hunnie, 1 below the line. light up, talk to both hunnies, center in on hunnie for real. giggle, ha ha, giggle. i have fangs biatch dont test these mother fuckers. suddenly hunny #2 comes over. asian, tiny, raver, hottie. sits down puts down hello kitty cell phone. whips out the tiniest mother fucking cigs i have ever seen. asian label. i go, what kind of cigarettes are those? little bitch cigarettes


At 6/09/2004 12:51 PM, Blogger jsk323 said...

Top 10 Pick-Up Lines for Shoobie to use this weekend:

10. You wanna see my BLOG...well it's huge, trust me. But I keep it trim so it's easy to navigate and all.
9. Hell yeah I'll help you fill up you BLOG...let's go, this place is dead anyway.
8. So, shall we BLOG now or BLOG later.
7. You wanna come over my place and scroll up and down on my BLOG?
6. Damn, you have a nice set of BLOGS...
5. Do you have any BLOGGER in you want some?
4. I'll show how to BLOG in positions you've never imagined.
3. Don't worry, I always practice safe BLOGGING. You never know with all the viruses going around these days...
2. I would love for us to BLOG right now, but I don't know if I can get it up...the server has been down all day.

And the #1 pick up line for Shoobie to use...

1. I once BLOGGED for 4 hours straight. Yeah that's right...4 hours beeatch. I mean I was kinda sore the next day, but it was worth it...


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