Friday, June 18, 2004

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Well, the weekend is (finally) here and I am definitely stoked for the high octane activity that will be going down this weekend. First off, me and my roomie jonny mcpot found a dank place in the highlands to live next year. It is within walking distance to every bar we frequent, with options of cab fare under 5 bucks for most. For the out of towners, the best thing about most of these places is that they have outdoor patios. Yo fucks, you wanna walk over to moes and grab some pbr? yo smokey mcfucks, you wanna go not talk to girls at neighbors tonight? hi jon, sometimes when i am all alone at night, i sit on my hand and then masturbate...its called a stranger jon, have you ever given yourself a stranger? whaaaaat?
I even drew a map.

So that should be pretty fun for the next year. If anyone knows any good decorators, i am toootally looking for one. that would be suuuper.

So this weekend...well friday, tonight, i plan on getting ridiculously fucked up on some of that white widow mixed in with a little bog bubble. roll up about 4 fatties. haul a few shots of goldschlager mixed in with some jack and cokes. catch MARTA. go to see olympic torch. use torch to light up j's. if cowboy mouth were a high school superlative, they would be "Band Most Likely to Get Every Single Person in the Crowd Crazy Jumping Dancing Singing Along" award.

Tomorrow I have no idea whats in store, but I have a feeling it wont matter until about 5 pm anyway... maybe just puke around 6 am. and 8 am. and then go to the pool and pass out until mid day. drink lots of water, take lots of vitamins, and be prepared to not get any numbers on saturday, just take em home to the pad.

I am really bored at work and feeling so braindead via dwellis and his little hobby that i cannot function in a funny clear mode right now. So one last F-U.

Fuck you louisville. You only have one really cool event all year long, the kentucky derby. runner up is of course reggae fest. all of a sudden, i hear from chiu that there is a 3rd activity that (quite possibly) could make a swift run for 2nd place and give the derby a run for its money? Imagine, ANOTHER thing coming out of ky thats cool? Its true, and I wish so bad I could be in two places at once.

Have a sweet weekend. See ya back in the office on Monday, byatch.


At 6/18/2004 10:42 AM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

yeah, fuck louisville. fuck it!

all that ever happens to me there is drinking and hot-tubbing and debauchery.


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