Wednesday, June 02, 2004

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This town

Atlanta. Hotlanta. Why do people constantly feel the need to fuck with their town names. To solve this mystery and other conspiracies, tune in to Vicklanta. For all the hype of this place being "hot", there is mad evidence to prove otherwise.

Well that was the best intro i could muster....

The weather is it. whats not to love. the last time it rained 2 days in a row here was back when eddie murphy was actually funny.

There are a ton of bars to go would be nicer if the drinks were not 8 fucking dollars, but who's counting?

Sure, I cannot escape the Shiksa-ppeal of these ridiculously pretty, pale, blonde barbie dolls that live here. Who grew up on a georgia education which ranks 47th out of 51 (including puerto rico). Who dont know about all the wonders of the bigger, realer cities, i.e. up in NYC. big shout out to biggie. haha. The girls who sound like they are cracked out worse than Tyrone Biggums and drawl out their words longer than Ron Jeremy. Hey yaaaaaaalllllll. damn, that word is the worst. Girls who list god, jesus, and creed concerts as their top 3 most important aspirations in life. Yatches who go to UGA from their small hometowns, find some doosh in khaki shorts and rip-off ralph lauren t-shirts with the collar flipped up who like to drink burrr and kick some ass, realize they are going to be pulling in just under 6 figures managing their ma and pa's tractor trailer truck farm, and cling to these losers until they inevitably produce a middies-size rock at the age of 21 and get married and disappear.

Damn that sounded like a Rant ala Dennis Miller.

And now I am drawing a blank. This "blog" as the hipster artsy writer types like to call it -- me being an internet whore at work 9-5 -- is inspired to serve as a distraction to all other jockers that roll around the internet looking for entertaining, brainless, and mostly (funny?) shit to read.

Hope you enjoy.


At 6/03/2004 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in hotlanta, do you eat your grandmother's creamy potato chowder?


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