Thursday, June 03, 2004

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Ladies Night

I dont know if anyone saw this headline in the news today, but apparently some dude in New Jersey (Cherry Hill-- one of the jappiest places ever) decided to sue over the fact that there exists a concept called ladies night at bars. See this.

Here is a little excerpt: The director of New Jersey's Division on Civil Rights ruled Tuesday that Ladies' Night at a Cherry Hill bar and restaurant was discriminatory against men.

Dude, what the fuck is going on in this country? Why would the division of civil rights have any reason to pursue a law banning ladies nights? (that rhymed..tight) Dont they have anything better to do? Also, who is this idiot? Ladies nights, although extremely uncommon in vicklanta, are the best thing that could possibly happen to men who sue bars over the concept of a ladies night.

Pay attention buddy (and whoever else): more girls show up, more drinks cost less money, everyone wins. he must have had some serious social skill issues to make a hoopla over what i consider to be gods little slice of heaven on a random tuesday night. maybe i am just a p.i.m.p. but i feel like 99.9% of the population is with me on this one.

side rant:
Although they are not exactly ladies nights, the biggest fucking scam on college campuses today are these things called crush parties. Basically, two sororities get together and every girl in there gets to invite 2 or 3 guys to this huge drunkfest at a club. Of course, no girl pays attention to the 2-3 guys part...they invite whoever the fuck they want. guys feel like an invite somehow means they get to fuck at the end of the night.... but, night of the party, half the yatches stay home because they cant wear their Manolo Blahniks with this top and there is going to be a line to get in....and one thing about these emory girls, they definitely DO NOT wait in line. so the ratio at the 2:3 crush party has now become 1:7. Moussed up yankees rock their black pants with the fuck me blue shirt in an attempt to find the top 3 yatches and settle down with 1. Little do they know the girl who invited them is having a SATC rerun party at her place and could give a fuck about the mess of the crush party in the first place. Drink prices are skyhigh because instead of having ladies night specials, now everyone shells out $4 for beer and $6.50 for watered down popov and a splash of cranberry. The guys are frustrated because as they shove their way through the testosterone mass huddled at the bar, drop huge tabs on their credit cards, grab a drink for the chick that they just talked to, and scramble back through the club looking for the girl, they realize she has just gone to the bathroom with her 3 best friends now making the ratio in the room 1:11. At the end of the night they close out their tabs, catch a cab with all the guys they came with, drop cash on pizza and late night shit, wack off, and go to bed. God damn, I hated crush parties.


At 6/03/2004 2:38 PM, Blogger cmdrslappy said...

your world of frat boys and sorority crush parties is completely foreign to me. but it's funny. very funny.


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