Friday, July 02, 2004

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Random Bits for the Long Weekend

(I blogged twice today i was so both)
Booyakasha, mad respect and big ups to my main mahn Marlon Brando. Youze a cool bloke, especially in the Godfather, the most massive gangsta flick evah.

Also happy birthday to bizorn. Hope you have a great freakin' weekend and have you some fun!

So I sometimes puff and decide to mix together the bombest CD i can come up with for the day. Here is one i did for this July 4th weekend.

01. Blind Melon - Pusher
02. Jack Johnson - Mud Football
03. Phish - Heavy Things
04. Pearl Jam - (beatles cover) Hide Your Love Away
05. track fucked up
06. Ben Folds Five - Underground
07. Incubus - Wish You Were Here
08. The Doors - Roadhouse Blues
09. Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused
10. AC/DC - If You Want Love You Got It
11. Beck - Loser
12. Jimi Hendrix - Along the Watchtower
13. Nirvana - Lake of Fire
14. Counting Crows - Murder of One
15. Blind Melon - Change (live)
16. Oasis - Live Forever
17. Pearl Jam - Better Man (live)

The problem with July 4th weekend is that no one ever plans anything to do. Then everyone scrambles to do something at the last minute and it is always semi lame. Hopefully my friend Coren can get his shit together and plan a bomb weekend getaway. Here is the email:

Hey all,

So, you haven't made plans for July 4? Good. If you have, change them. We're heading up to Helen, Ga -- with a trusty band of misfits hopefully -- for some fireworks, beer, lederhosen (remember Oktoberfest?!) and INNERTUBING (which will include all of the above) this weekend.

Helen is a crazy German hamlet in the Georgia mountains. It also hosts a beautiful stretch of the Chata "Rob's-mom's-a" hoochie River. For 3 bucks, you can float down the river, sip fine PBR-labeled beverages and toast this wonderful country of ours. There are also plenty of cool things to do up there regardless.

So, the caravan begins on Saturday and we'll come back at our leisure on Sunday. It shouldn't be too much of a trek. Write back and let me know if you want to go and invite your friends. I've never forgotten a trip to Helen.

Last time I was in Helen, Georgia I was a little pledge. They made all 23 of us drink tons of whiskey and then we all held hands in this long chain and had to skip down this huge hill in the middle of the night. Needless to say the 23 of us were rolling down drunk all the way to the bottom. Fun shit.


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