Monday, June 11, 2007

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A New Internet Time-Wasting Game: Walnuts.

Hello to all who would ever check this thing out. i have decided to post this because spontaneously i tried something funny and had no one to tell because yayayan is in the motherland for 2 weeks. it involves google tools, asians, and a sense of humor. if you cannot deal with those three things all at once, please close the browser. ok? spoiler alert, this is for the jokesters.

after you play the game, i would like you to COMMENT to the blog how long you played, whether it catch hot fire like monopoly back in the (60's? who cares) sixties, or if you just try it once... copy paste funny ones. please. danks.

Here is how you play Walnuts:

Step 1) For your first time, just copy paste an email into the Google Translator and make the settings for English to Chinese(Traditional) BETA. (should do it automatically)

Step 2) Click Translate. Then Copy the entire text. Then go back and do the same steps for Chinese to English.

You want WINGNUT?!!?! = 你想胡桃? = You want to walnuts?
i dont know what to say, other than lets get past the awkward 'why doesn't shoobie write anymore' phase. blazin.

(this is for you buddy, since i think youll have the most fun with the new game.)

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