Monday, April 27, 2009

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Pirate Flu

The pirate flu sweeping Africa must be stopped! Seriously, can't we do something about this rampant problem? Until a Fellowship of the Pirate is formed by the top naval nations, our lands and seas will fall into darkness.

Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow must be rolling over in their graves given the high amount of booty these pirates collect. Weapons, treasure, microchips, white people... yarrr this be a fine take today. Of course the 21st century pirates don't actually talk like this, its more like derka derka click cluck cluck derka der. and they dont have beards, rotted teeth, and live by a pirate code.. its more like tattered clothes, emaciated frames, and west nile virus.

The Pirate Flu must be stopped in its tracks. Gunshots to the face seem the only way to remedy the situation...


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